Special Excursion Schedule

All trains depart and return to Stettler, Alberta
(Updated: Monday July 24, 2017)

   Special event excursions include steam or diesel-powered rail excursion lasting between six, and six and one-half hours, upscale buffet meal, on board and special entertainment.
   The destination for Alberta Prairie excursions is Big Valley. This community was the divisional point for the Canadian Northern Railway in the early 1900s. Feature attractions include restored railway station, roundhouse interpretive centre, St. Edmund Church and Jimmy Jock Boardwalk.

                                  PUBLIC TIMETABLES
Alberta Prairie reserves the right to substitute trips to different destinations and to use alternative locomotives in cases of mechanical failure. Although train robbers are scheduled on all (A) excursion with meals, they are only guaranteed on (B) special event and (C) APST Limited excursions. Inclusions on all excursions are subject to change without notice, discount, or refund should circumstances arise which would prevent the delivery of such things as train robberies.

Saturday, Aug. 5 - Newfoundlander Special (No. 41 Steam)              (D)
Enjoy a little bit of "The Rock" right here in Alberta and feast on
steak and lobster. Included are guaranteed train robbery, on board
entertainment and Down-East entertainment at supper. And what would a
Newfoundlander Special be without complementary "East Coast" beer
and blue berry wine with the meal.
And as an added bonus,  Ever wonder 
who these people are who call themselves Métis? This is your chance
to visit a hivernant, meet the people of the plains in their colourful
sashes and Hudson's Bay coats, and see their handicrafts.

Departs Stettler       2:30 p.m.       Returns Stettler       7:55 p.m.
  Sponsored by Richard’s Insurance Services – (403)742-8321 – Stettler, AB

Saturday, Aug. 26 - Steak Barbecue Special (No. 41 Steam)           (B)    
Join us for one of this year's highlight events. Pull on your boots and
cowboy hat and dine on barbecued steak, chuck wagon beans, baked
potatoes, and tossed green salad. Complementary beer with supper.
Entertainment on train and at the barbecue. Guaranteed train robbery.
Departs Stettler       2:30 p.m.       Returns Stettler       7:55 p.m.
    Sponsored by Johnson Connor Agencies – (403)742-2392 – Stettler, AB

Sunday, Sept. 10 - Adults Only Senior's Special (No. 41 Steam)     (G)    
No children please! Just for those who want to ride the train without the
bustle and excitement of 17 and under children. This trip offers all the
extras normally found on "County Dinner" excursions including

buffet-style Alberta roast beef meal
, time for sight-seeing in Big Valley,
on board entertainment, and train robbery.

Departs Stettler      11:00 a.m.        Returns Stettler       3:55 p.m.
             Sponsored by Stettler Dodge - (403)742-3000 – Stettler, AB

Saturday, Oct 7 - Dancing Good Time to Big Valley (Diesel)         (B)    
Dance to live big band swing music from the 1920, 1930 and 1940. Includes
up-scale buffet-style meal featuring stuffed pork loin served on glassware,
wine with meal, guaranteed robbery, and on board entertainment. Seating
limited so book early.

Departs Stettler       2:30 p.m.         Returns Stettler       8:25 p.m.

Saturday, Oct. 14 - Harvest Pumpkin Fest (Diesel)                        (P)      
In keeping with the season, guests are invited to join us on one of four
special experiences. Includes selecting very own pumpkin from our
patch, hot chocolate and cookies, family friendly activities, and
much more.
Departs Stettler    10:00 a.m.    Returns Stettler    12:15 p.m.
#2   Departs Stettler    11:05 a.m.    Returns Stettler     1:45 p.m.
#3   Departs Stettler    12:35 p.m.    Returns Stettler     3:15 p.m.
#4   Departs Stettler      2:05 p.m.    Returns Stettler     4:45 p.m.


Menu Options
Because of the nature of what it is we offer Alberta Prairie Railway is not able to provide alternative menu choices. Over the years what we have found is that guests find the buffet more than amble with lots of choices. In special circumstances, and as an alternative to the meat dish offered, guests can request a high-quality vegetable burger by pre-ordering at time of booking.

Alberta Prairie reserves the right to substitute excursions to destinations other than those shown in this schedule and to use alternative motive of power in case of mechanical failure.

Reservations can be arranged by phone using MasterCard or VISA. Although we can usually accommodate passengers without reservations, we do sell out and a reservation guarantees seating.

THE POLAR EXPRESS train cancellations will be accepted up until departure. No refunds will be made once the train has left the station. The Polar Express cancellations will receive a 50 percent refund of all monies paid up until the date and time of departure and the return of unused tickets. There will be no refunds after the fact.

With the exception of THE POLAR EXPRESS trains cancellations will be accepted up until 24 hours prior to departure. No refunds will be made with less than 24 hours notice. Cancellations received less than seven (7) days prior will be issued a voucher of equal value for a future trip. With less than five (5) days notice, it may not be possible to seat passengers with their group. Please try to reserve the required number of seats with original booking.

A leisurely drive from Calgary will take approximately three hours and, from Edmonton, two and one-half hours.

Dinners are buffet style, served at the hall in community named and are prepared by the people of that community. Meals usually include Alberta beef, potato, roll, salad, vegetables and dessert.

FINE RAILWAY DINING (Winter Excursions only)
Dinners include a five-course meal with a choice of Prime Rib of Beef, Grilled Fillet of Halibut, or Cornish Game Hen served on a bed of Wild rice.

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